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The establishment of KMK on the background of the founders’ concerns about the condition of children, especially in Batam area of Riau Islands and surrounding areas which is very ironic; On the one hand their lives have been affected by the culture of consumptive but on the other hand their attention to education is still minimal, especially moral education. The activities, work programs and activities of the Foundation are conducted in tandem with the demands of the steak holder so as to provide benefits, motivation and achievements of children managed by Yayasan KMK.

Karya Manuggal Kepri was established in Batam, Riau Islands on November 23, 2011, by notarial deed No. 38, was formed with the aim of Building Education and Work for the nation especially in the region of Kepulauan Riau  and in Indonesia generally, and this foundation was legalized by Minister of Law and Human Rights, Number: AHU-8307. AH. 01.04. year. 2012. The location of Yayasan Karya Manuggal Kepri is located in the complex of Villa Alam Lestari Tahap II Block FF Number 12B RT 02 and RW XII, Tiban Baru Village, Sekupang Sub-District, Batam City,  Postal Code 29426, Kepulauan Riau, Indonesia. Recently, the central office of KMK is located in TOP 100 Tembesi, Batu Aji, Sekupang Batam.

Karya Manunggal Kepri was made formal and informal education, firts year is informal education.  It provides consultancy services for students who want to finish S1 (Under graduation), this program is in demand by students in Batam because of difficulties in finding literature, and also for consultation writing thesis for students who want to finish S2 (Post Graduated Program).

Second year, KMK is Affiliated with Sunan Giri University of Surabaya to coordinate Postgraduate Program (S2) with Master of Islamic Law, Magister of Law and Masters of Islamic Education, and the scholars for civil servant In the Ministry of Religious Affairs as a province of Riau Islands, a civil servant court of Riau province and some teachers from elementary to high school level either public teachers or private teachers, and graduates of S1 who wish to continue to the S2 program.

Third year, KMK is Opening English Private Course and computer course as informal Program was started in 2012 and legalized 2014 by educational minister department  Number: 95 / 424.1/PLS/II/2014, It is called Simple English Course, there are many students interested to join the course, from elementary to university students around Batam.

Forth year, In early January 2014 Karya Manunggal Kepri began to concentrate on formal education because the school’s capacity in Batam from elementary to high school / vocational schools is very limited because of the high population growth rate of approximately 8% per year =8,525 people, in the opening of the first public interest class Enthusiastic, then formed 5 classes for SMK Indo Malay with majors Telecommunications, Accounting, Nursing, Pharmacy and Tourism (Hotel). It is legalized 2014 by educational minister department  Number:265/422.6/DIKMEN/IV/2015. Fifthe year,  july 2015 KMK was opened Junior High School and for elementary is still on planning.

We hope with the slogan to be more trustworthy, honest and professional can be realized. Also what we aspire to educate this nation can be achieved. For the improvement and progress of the Foundation in the future we ask for constructive criticism, suggestions, Contribution and Donation so as to achieve our shared ideals.

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